Welcome to Undecay - electronic library, contains rare mystic, science fiction and fantasy stories in english and (sometimes) in russian.

Today we publish some of Lord Dunsany's legacy - thirteen peerless lirics, six plays on which no merchant would dare to set a price and over seventy novels on a level not yet known to have been attained by man. On the russian side of the server we will publish some russian translation of this stuff.

We have planned to add some other works of classic and modern writers every month.

If you wanna see your own work on this site, just post it to us and, maybe, we publish it (of cource, without any royalties or other kind of some matherial support). If we find your stuff real great, we will connect to discuss further interaction.

When we publish some authors stuff, we suppose the author has copyright on it. If it finds out later, that he or she hasn't the real legal copyright on this stuff, it will be removed immediately.