How Would it be?

How would it be if we should fare,
By whispering to the pillar-box
A spell of which I am aware,
To some grey mountain whence the bear
May turn him to the West and stare
Nor yet see known land anywhere,
And find there carven of the rocks
An idol that can answer prayer?

Or winding up a palace stair,
Beyond the hills of Let's Pretend,
Come suddenly and unaware
Upon a monarch seated there,
Whose eyes were angry and whose hair
Was frizzled there at World's End
By the sun's triumphant glare.

And how, indeed, how would it be
If songs and little tales were true?
And we should find the jujube tree,
And galleons still should cross the sea,
And elves should lurk by every tree,
And dragons amble two by two,
While nobody should cry "Dear me!"